Keeping in touch.

Internet & email access.

Internet access is available in the Internet Centre and WiFi (per the IEEE 802.11b standard) is available in various locations on board. Guests who subscribe to email services from an Internet Service Provider (ISP) are advised to verify that their ISP has a webmail viewing site prior to sailing. We recommend that guests establish a web-based account such as Gmail, Yahoo or Hotmail prior to their voyage. Charges apply and ship internet access is not guaranteed at all times due to the nature of satellite communications, and is significantly slower than high-speed connections on shore.

Mobile phone service.

An advanced wireless network on board allows guests to make, as well as receive, calls on their personal mobile phones when the ship is at sea. Guests should confirm international roaming is enabled by their mobile service provider in order to connect with the maritime mobile network to make/receive calls and data to their mobile phone or handheld device.

Contact information.

By telephone – to connect with the ship, please call (+1)-732-335-3272 for calls originating outside of the U.S.  For calls from the U.S. please dial (877)-266-0985. These numbers connect to the maritime telecommunications network where you will be prompted to enter your credit card number and expiration date.  Your call will be charged at a rate of US$9.50 per minute upon connecting to the ship. Calls on this network are limited to a maximum of 10 minutes per call.

By fax – A fax can be sent to the ship using the International Direct Dialling (IDD) codes and the universal ocean region coding. Please use the following list to determine the correct code to be used depending on the ship’s location.  For example, to fax direct from the U.K. to Queen Victoria in the Indian Ocean, dial 00-870-764-817-754. Please note that faxes are transmitted by satellite and subject to possible disruption from weather patterns and obstructions.

Fax dialling codes:

Queen Mary 2 - IDD Code + 870 + 323-576-211/221

Queen Victoria - IDD Code + 870 + 764-817-754/757

Queen Elizabeth - IDD Code + 870 + 765-067-259/260


Access is not guaranteed at all times, due to the nature of satellite communications, which are subject to itinerary and possible disruption from weather patterns and various obstructions.