Special requirements.


We will make every effort to meet your dietary requests for low-sodium, low-fat, low-sugar, lactose intolerance, dairy free, gluten free, wheat free and vegetarian diets.  However, please be aware that our chefs are not medically trained.

If you require kosher meals, please inform us at the time of booking or no later than 6 weeks prior to departure. Once we receive your request we will send you a list of the meals available and ask you to make your selection and return it to us at your earliest convenience. Please note, we do not have a separate kosher kitchen on board.

Hipp Organic baby food jars (Stage 1 and Stage 2 only) are available. Please request this at the time of booking.

Please ask your travel agent or contact Cunard customer contact centre directly on 0345 355 0300* to inform us of other special dietary requirements.  Whilst every effort is made to ensure that special dietary requests are met, this cannot be guaranteed.

Medical conditions.

If you take any medication, you are strongly advised to carry this in your hand luggage and also take extra supplies to cover any unexpected circumstances. Medication must be transported in its original container for flights. If you have received treatment for any significant medical condition, please carry a recent report from your treating doctor. If you need to bring any medical equipment on board, please contact the medical department prior to your travel to obtain essential information.

Mobility on board.

If you haven’t already done so, please let us know if you are bringing a wheelchair or a mobility scooter, or if you have a disability or reduced mobility which may affect your enjoyment while on holiday with us. All guests requiring specific assistance, facilities or equipment must advise Cunard at the time of booking or as soon as the need is known, and are required to complete a questionnaire after booking to ensure we have all the information we need to adequately cater for your requirements. 

Please complete the questionnaire, or for any further questions please call 0345 355 0300* or send an email to our accessibility team disability@carnivalukgroup.com.

Guests bringing a wheelchair or mobility scooter are required to supply their own. If you require assistance with daily tasks, personal care or movement around the ship, you must travel with a companion who is able to provide this assistance as crew are unable to offer this level of service on board. All wheelchairs, mobility scooters and aids to mobility must be stored in your stateroom when not in use, as they cannot be allowed to obstruct corridors, emergency doors or stairwells.  Cunard will not be responsible for the storage of personal mobility equipment.  Failure to store personal mobility equipment in staterooms may result in guests being disembarked.

Mobility ashore.

At the majority of ports visited by our ships we deploy a short low level gangway, commonly referred to as the ships brow to give all wheelchair users easy access to shore. We do our very best to make sure all our guests are able to go ashore in as many ports as possible, although there will be times when it’s not possible to deploy the ships brow. This is usually due to ports with a large tidal range where a relatively shallow ramp may unavoidably become too steep to use safely. Examples of ports with a large tidal range (but not an exhaustive list) are Hamburg, Zeebrugge, Canary Islands, French and Spanish Atlantic ports, Darwin, Lisbon, Halifax, Portland, Quebec, Mumbai and San Francisco.  

In some ports it is necessary to anchor off shore rather than alongside the dock or quay. When this is the case, we use a tender to take you ashore. A tender is a small vessel that carries around 100 guests. In order to board the tender, please note that you will be required to use steps (up to 20cm/8 inches high) and navigate the gap between the platform and the tender (of up to 45cm/18 inches). 

In the interests of safety, we require all guests wishing to use the tenders to have sufficient independent mobility to negotiate steps and traverse a gap of up to 45 cm/18 inches. Anyone wishing to board the tender will need to demonstrate this ability via a mobility test prior to tender embarkation by stepping unaided over a distance of 45 cm/18 inches. Children who are unable to step across a gap of this size will be permitted to use the tender service provided their parent/guardian is able to demonstrate that they can carry or pass them safely across the mobility test gap. 

There will be crew members there to guide and steady you as you embark, but they cannot support, carry or lift guests on board the tender for safety reasons. Please wear appropriate, flat, and securely attached footwear, when embarking and disembarking the tender. 

If you use a wheelchair or mobility scooter, please note that you or your travelling companion are responsible for assembling and disassembling your wheelchair/mobility scooter. The crew will endeavour to assist where practical and safe to do so, providing that no individual part weighs more than 20kg/40 lb. 

If you have notified us that you have reduced mobility you will be invited to a tender briefing on board and given the opportunity to take part in the mobility assessment (described above) in advance. This must be completed independently, without any assistance. If an officer decides it is not safe for you to board a tender, please respect their decision as this decision is taken to ensure your safety, in accordance with health and safety law.


Our medical departments are not equipped for childbirth or the care of neonates and therefore we regret we cannot carry guests who have entered their 24th week of pregnancy or beyond at any point in their voyage. All pregnant women are required to produce a doctor’s or midwife’s letter stating that they are in good health, fit to travel and that the pregnancy is progressing normally and is not considered high risk. The letter must also include the estimated date of delivery (EDD) calculated from both Last Menstrual Period (LMP) and ultrasound (if performed).