Keep up a state of prime wellness through our onboard fitness classes and personal training sessions. We offer an option to fit every person and every fitness goal, whether you’re already seasoned or you’re just getting started. Start with our body composition analysis and gait analysis to create a customised experience. To purchase any of the spa treatments below please call 0345 355 0300.

Basic Fitness Assessment

From $16980 minutes

Get a thorough assessment of your current fitness level, including body composition testing and cardiovascular and muscular fitness.

Spaclub® Exercise Prescription

From $10850 minutes

Receive a customized exercise program to help you achieve your fitness goals, no matter what your current level of physical activity.

Exercise for Weight Loss

From $10850 minutes

We create an effective exercise program based on your goals, fitness level and abilities with a focus on stimulating metabolism and reducing body fat.

Body Composition Analysis

From $2625 minutes

Know your number! Determine your percentages of body fat and lean body mass via the skin-fold ravelle method.

Personal Training Session

From $6725 minutes - 50 minutes

In this private session with a trainer, we develop or fine-tune a fitness program tailored to your specific needs, preferences and goals.

Personal Training Session (2 people)

From $14950 minutes

A private session for two people with a trainer. Focus on any of the topics above, or on another interest you share.

Foot Doctor Express

From $7525 minutes

A soothing and cleaning massage with special herbal products will refresh your feet and lower legs and de-stress all of you – pronto.

Foot Rescue!

From $10050 minutes

A soothing foot bath in herbal salts will refresh your feet. We focus on the three C ’s of wear and tear – calluses, corns and cracked dry skin.

Gait Analysis

From $8525 minutes

Video analysis of your gait using a computerized assessment of the biomechanics of your feet as you walk across an orthotics mat.

Healthy in Heels

From $13050 minutes

Your trouble zones are addressed using delightful herbal products, expert massage and gentle stretching of feet and lower legs to soothe and restore.

Healthy on your Feet

From $13050 minutes

This lower leg massage may enhance blood flow to your muscles, reduce inflammation around the joints, and relax your entire lower body.
Please ensure you have your doctors permission to use the gym equipment if you have any conditions that make exercise difficult or dangerous.