From $288100 minutes

An aromatherapy scalp massage, a warm botanical body masque, an exquisitely prepared bath and light, soothing massage with warm herb-infused oil.

Revitalizing Ritual.

From $288100 minutes

A six-part massage body ritual that combines the therapeutic properties of flower oils and fruit essences with rich minerals from the earth and sea.

Detoxifying Ritual.

From $288100 minutes

Retreat into a ritual of steam and deep detox through an intense therapeutic transformation in this six-step healing massage ritual.

Naturally Nourishing Ritual.

From $288100 minutes

A six-part ritual based on Finnish traditions including cleansing, exfoliation, lymphatic stimulation, oxygenation, a wrap and a vigorous massage.

Liquid Seaweed Wrap Ceremony.

From $288 100 minutes

This wrap delivers immediate and noticeable plumping and toning of the skin, is a serious detoxifier, metabolism stimulant and natural antiaging boost

Seaweed Leaf Wrap Ceremony.

From $288100 minutes

This amazing all-organic treatment with hand-harvested seaweed detoxifies, firms and softens skin while banishing muscular tension through massage.

Seaweed Peat Wrap Ceremony.

From $288 100 minutes

Used to treat a variety of skin and rheumatic conditions, this wrap mixes organic seaweed extracts with micronized peat, massage included.

Organic Sea Salt Scrub.

From $16150 minutes

Antibacterial essence of laurel opens the lungs while spirulina hydrates. Brushing with Organic Dead Sea salts stimulates the lymphatic system.

Firming Sea Salt Body Scrub.

From $16150 minutes

Organic essential oils and organic Dead Sea salts with dry brushing stimulates and exfoliates. Biodynamic honey and essential oils nourish.

Black Olive and Coffee Firming Polish.

From $16150 minutes

A vitalizing scrub that blends coffee, black olive, crushed almond, neroli, orange and lemon peel and fresh lemon juice. Cardamom oil hydrates.

Kinmoxei Energizing Body Glow.

From $16150 minutes

Rough, dry skin is removed and circulation is stimulated by a powerful exfoliation with crushed bamboo, bamboo sap and oils of ginger and fir.

Seaweed Leaf Wrap.

From $24580 minutes

This all organic treatment detoxifies, firms and softens skin with hand-harvested seaweed. Followed by an organic muslin wrap and thermal blanket.

Seaweed Peat Wrap.

From $24580 minutes

Used to treat a variety of skin and rheumatic conditions, this wrap mixes organic seaweed extracts with micronized peat, offers potent detoxification.

Tangle Me Up Wrap.

From $24580 minutes

This soothing body wrap contains ground Laminaria digitata algae, which helps relax tired muscles, relieves stress and banish fatigue.

Organic Mermaid's Purse Wrap.

From $17750 minutes

This deeply hydrating and detoxifying treatment stimulates blood flow for tired, dry, dull skin. A nourishing wrap helps the body to renew itself.

Rasul Ceremony.

From $14950 minutes

Cleanse and purify your body in a steam chamber. Lather your own or your partner’s skin with purifying mud and recline in a warmed, tiled chair.
Guests with contagious skin conditions or open wounds will be precluded from these treatments. Please ensure that the Spa team are aware of any sensitivities and allergies that you may have or if you are pregnant.