From $16950 minutes

This ancient, proven therapy balances energy, stimulates the body’s natural healing abilities and encourages a state of relaxation.

Acupuncture massage.

From $16950 minutes - 80 minutes

A combination of holistic acupuncture and a therapeutic massage, particularly good for relieving musculoskeletal pain and stress-related problems.

Deep-tissue chiropractic.

From $27280 minutes

This complete treatment includes both the benefits of a full chiropractic consultation (assessment and treatment) and a 30-minute Deep-Tissue massage

Chiropractic Session.

From $108 25 minutes - 50 minutes -80 minutes

Includes consultation and spinal manipulative therapy treatment. May include acupuncture, myofascial release and other electromodalities.

Personal Pilates session.

From $108

A private Pilates session on the mat or the Reformer. (Subject to room availability.)

Fitness classes.

45 minutes

Consult your daily programme for times, locations and descriptions. Sign-up at Gym reception on Deck 7. Classes are free unless otherwise noted.
Please discuss with the practitioner any illnesses or diseases you may have.